Volvo Winter Wheel Kits

Staying safe and in control during Canadian winters means always having the right tire for the season.

Why does Volvo recommend using a second set of wheels and tires for winter driving?

"Why not drive with the same tires all year around?"

SAFETY Approved Tires

Tires and Wheels

A Match Made in Sweden

Volvo has selected and approved the right tires for your car to provide you with superior winter driving performance. The result is a winter tire offering that provides you with the best possible grip, performance, durability, and noise levels. We have combined them with Volvo Genuine Wheels designed to offer the quality and durability that only a genuine Volvo part can offer.

SAFETY It's All About Grip

The Importance of Tire Grip

Your Volvo features cutting-edge driving technology, called Intellisafe, that keeps you safe. However, the active safety features in your Volvo are only able to manage available grip. We know that safety and security were part of your decision to purchase a Volvo. Using summer or all-season tires in the winter compromises the effectiveness of many driver support features that rely on tire grip to avoid a collision.

SAFETY Designed for Canadian Winters

Brave the Winter

Winter brings along different weather conditions that can affect the way your car drives. Even when there is no snow on the surface of the road, the cold pavement affects the way the rubber in your tires behaves. With Genuine Volvo Winter Wheel Kits, you don't have to wait until the weather reaches sub-zero temperatures. As soon as the temperature drops below 7°C, winter tires already provide enhanced grip compared to summer and all-season tires. In addition to the rubber compound, the tread pattern is designed to provide better grip on ice and snow, and to evacuate water and slush away from under the tire.

CONVENIENCE Quick Seasonal Changes

A Fast and Convenient Solution

Your Volvo retailer has a kit ready for your car. These kits are already balanced and ready to go so when you walk in, the retailer only has to bolt them onto your car. For the coming winter season, your Volvo retailer may be able to store your winter kit for you, making the seasonal changeover fast and easy.

PERFORMANCE Extensive Wheel Testing

Designed and Tested for Your Volvo

Generic Wheel Kits often require adapters that may cause vibration if installed incorrectly. Genuine Volvo Winter Wheel Kits are designed specifically for your Volvo, removing the need for adapters, which leads to a hassle-free experience and quick installation. Genuine Volvo Winter Wheel Kits are also tested to withstand the demands of your Volvo on your wheels and feature advanced corrosion protection with multiple layers of paint to ensure a high quality and durable finish year after year.

Enhance Your Volvo

At Volvo of Brossard, we have a complete Volvo parts and accessories department to offer, which allows you to customize your Volvo, improve it and make it more versatile. With genuine Volvo parts and accessories, there is no limit to what you can achieve with your vehicle.

Volvo parts and accessories specialists are happy to help you find what you are looking for, for your vehicle. Whatever your needs, discover our Volvo genuine parts and accessories department today. We are waiting for you at Volvo of Brossard.

Accessories That Improve Versatility

Volvo of Brossard offers roof boxes, bicycle and other sports equipment transport systems, organizers for storage and luggage areas, and much more to enhance the versatility of your Volvo. If you are a young active family, you will be happy to discover all the accessories available to you in the Volvo parts and accessories catalogue at Volvo of Brossard.

It is important for us at Volvo of Brossard that your vehicle represents you. The accessories we have in stock can change the look of your Volvo or protect the original wheels with our selection of winter tires.

We also have several winter mats that can protect the cabin of your Volvo from salt and sand. Whatever your needs, come today to Volvo of Brossard and let our experts help you find the right parts and accessories for your Volvo. We can install the parts on site and they are all protected by a generous manufacturer's warranty.

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